Community's own Rule Engine meets Web

We took CoRE (Community's own Rule Engine) and introduced it to the web, so that you can get your SmartThings automation going faster and easier than before.

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What is webCoRE?

webCoRE is an advanced web-based rule engine that works on top of Samsung SmartThing's automation platform and delivers complex automation scenarios that users can program. It does so by using a pseudo scripting language that is easy to read and understand by users. Each such script is called a piston, because, well, we're talking about an engine, right? You can find out more in-depth info by going to our wiki

Get Started!

Getting started

Here's what you'll need to use webCoRE

A SmartThings hub

This is the central piece of SmartThings' automation platform. Visit SmartThings for more info.

Some Smart devices

You need some connected devices to control, there's a huge selection online. Find a starting point at SmartThings

The webCoRE SmartApp

Install the webCoRE SmartApp into your account. Find more about this process here. Please note webCoRE is currently in an ALPHA development stage.


This is where you control your webCoRE automations. It's the central point of webCoRE.

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Ready to start your journey to better automation? That's great! Find help from the great SmartThings community or visit our wiki page!